“Ballet Magique is an creative combination of dance illusion!”

Jim Steinmeyer is a world renown-illusion designer.



The Ring of the Rose is a passionate story of love versus obsession, beauty versus commitment and joy versus sacrifice; In this parable of love lost, then found lies a story within a story whereby two Brothers battle against an outsider who falls in love with their sister. At the height of this magical tale, a spirit tells them the story of the “Rose”. Like television shows such as “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor”, two couples fight with all of their might to win the love and desire of the “Rose”. As each couple vies for his attention, they eventually resort to manipulation, deception and jealous rage towards one another.

In their quest and behind the masks, their true hearts and natures are revealed. In the end, however, their selfish efforts prove futile as the “Rose” ultimately decides to keep those who has the respect, loyalty and commitment to him; the very thorns by his side. It is they, whom have loved and protected his beauty from sheer ugliness. It is they who encircled him with a ring of solidarity and taught him that the true meaning of love is inside respect, sacrifice and devotion. On the other hand, for the brothers, the “Rose” is time lost. For it was their belief that love is something that you take, that is yours to possess. Instead for us, in this life, it is a symbol, simply a reminder that we love and are loved every year on February 14th. Nevertheless, for these “Thorns” their conviction will forever lie within... The “Ring of the Rose”.

With original music score produced by late partner Gene Wooley, the fusion of east and west brings this story to life through dance, Wushu (martial arts) magic, music and theatre.

With Costumes designed by award winning Christos Andriopoulos, and original music recorded at the Shanghai Opera, (which was produced by Johnson’s late Partner Gene Wooley, a former VP of MCA Records),“Ring of the Rose” has already received four Lester Horton Awards nominations.

  1. BulletPhoto Left: Nobutaka Mochimaru, Tam Trac , Olivia Vien, Robert Mulrey, Sam Gao in “Ring of the Rose”, Alex Theatre, Glendale, CA