Carnival The Choreographer’s ball features dynamic choreographers across Los Angeles. The Halloween Carnival is one of the biggest and best of the dance community at large. Johnson was asked to create a piece specifically for Halloween. This is an amazing opportunity and celebration to his talent and work.

Anthony Johnson creates a new riveting 5 minute piece titled “Deliver Us From Evil”  Tuesday October 21 , 2014 Carnival The Choreographer’s Ball Annual Halloween Extravaganza of Dance happens once every year! So don’t miss it!   Johnson has assemble a cool collection of dancers and performers , gifted students and professionals .

Halloween Carnival

Featuring Anthony w Johnson's "Deliver us from Evil"


Alexander Fost Ashley Blanchard Brandon Forrest Caitlin Marie Wagner Vaclav Havlik Ethan Rieder Janna Fukushima Jeremiah Tatum, Constance Merchant Johnson Kelsie Koziol Marcus Hightower, Mina Pham Huynh, Jony Rommell Alexander Erickson Mark Starrman (Make-up Artist)