Creator/ Director / Writer/ Composer/Songwriter/ Choreographer /Magic / Illusion Creator


The GIFTED AND TALENTED man behind Ballet Magique has spent over two decades mesmerizing audiences throughout the country and the around the world with his unique and pointed artistic interpretation of form and movement which he calls "Ballet Magique" and is truly fusion and its best! With a diversity of musical styles, various forms of dance, fresh approach to magic, inventive illusions, combined with elements of theatre, opera, and a rock concert, Johnson’s creation “Ballet Magique” brings ballet to the forefront revolutionizing it.  Through Johnson’s cutting-edge works, a new genre emerges It is an art, and entertainment breakthrough.

Ballet Magique was established in 1999 by Anthony W Johnson and became a full company with his late partner Gene Wooley in 2001 then re-incorporated as Ballet Magique Entertainment (BME) in 2010.

Ballet Magique’s performances, like the ballet, have highly technical dancers, and like an opera or musical, it also comprises singers. However, unlike an opera or a musical, where the singers take center stage, a magic show where the magician stands alone, or a dance show where the dancers simply dance, our dancers, martial artists and singers perform magic throughout the story, mesmerizing the audience. In addition, illusions boost the plot, as the singers enhance the scenes with dramatic narration like a Greek tragedy narrates a drama.



Ballet Magique received 4 Lester Horton Award nominations including “Outstanding Achievement in Choreography” for Ballet Magique’s “Ring of the Rose as well as Outstanding Achievements in Costume, Set and Lighting Design.” That year his student Nobutaka Mochimaru also received Male dancer of the Year from The Beverly Hills Outlook for his performance with Ballet Magique. Ballet Magique has received many raves from entertainment enthusiast, corporate sponsors including dynamic accolades from Master Magician Lance Burton, Renowned illusion designer Jim Steinmeyer, The Orange County Chinese Association, and the Beverly Hills Outlook.

Ballet Magique performs in many corporate events around the globe. Ballet Magique has also performed at The World Dance Awards and the The World Choreography Awards!